Urban Commons Archive

The archive of urban commons gathers practices, projects and texts under 7 themes listed below and links them to keywords that inform their specific contributions to the emerging field of urban commons.

The archive will be live soon. Watch this space for updates.

GOVERNANCE argues that governing the commons is not a question of management but, rather, a political project where the common (in singular mode) is a principle of self-governance that prefigures the re-organisation of society as a whole.

SOCIALITIES is concerned with cooperating communities and their capacities to maintain, reproduce, and transform urban life through commoning practices that enable the transition to alternative futures.

LOCALITIES emphasises the need to make visible the myriad situated stories of commoning alongside the diverse cultures and practices of sharing that inform them.

INFRASTRUCTURES moves beyond a common understanding of physical and organisational structures/systems towards a characterisation of commons as transformational infrastructures for “troubling troubled times”.

KNOWLEDGES explores collective and collaborative approaches to the generation, management, and dissemination of knowledge ones that are oriented towards social change and the transition towards a more just and sustainable society.

ECOLOGIES states that urban commons, which are built on relations of collective care, regeneration, and resilience, can contribute to planetary ecological repair.

ECONOMIES address how urban commons can support diverse, non-capitalist economies based on mutual interest, sharing, and collaboration.