Urban Commons Research Workshop and Book Launch/ 23-24 June 2022

This two-day research event, hosted and supported by London Metropolitan University together with the Urban Commons Research Collective, will bring together researchers across the arts, humanities and social sciences working on urban commons.


BOOK LAUNCH/ Thursday 23 June

The public launch of the forthcoming Urban Commons Handbook, authored by the Urban Commons Research Collective and published by dpr-barcelona. The handbook reflects on different aspects of the urban commons and presents examples of urban commoning in Europe.


WORKSHOP/ Friday 24 June

A one-day workshop open to researchers at any career stage, which we imagine as a space of sharing and thinking together about the urban commons. The workshop will include a guest talk, a set of small-group discussions around different aspects of the urban commons and a debate around future research trajectories in the field.

This workshop has been imagined as an opportunity to bring together a diverse community of researchers who would like to think together about the urban commons.

We encourage researchers at any career stage and in any disciplinary field to join us for a collective reflection on the meaning and transformative potential of the commons in urban contexts. Proposed contributions might engage with the topic by addressing one or more of the themes discussed in the handbook: common economies, ecologies, infrastructures, knowledges, socialities, localities and governance.